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Rodriguez started his Pekiti Tirsia Kali training under the guidance of MaaTas Na Guru Rich Howe. With over 7 years of martial arts experience, which includes a fighting style of Tae Kwoon Do inspired by the US Coca Cola team, Southern Long Fist and Choy Lay Fut Chinese Kung Fu. Rolando's strong sense of discipline has helped him capture the true essence of Pekiti Tirsia Kali following the wise teachings of Grand Tuhon Leo Tortal Gaje Jr. and Tuhon Rommel Tortal.


A dedicated practitioner of PTK, Rolando strives to be his best and constantly inspires others to follow suit.  His commitment and love of martial arts is the inspiration for excellence and with that same energy to further the Makilas objective of the continual creation of a global appreciation for Filipino Martial Arts.