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UST is the basic and fundamental tactics which is considered a distinct fighting system. It is a no-nonsense reality based fighting system comprised of self defense for the streets which includes the use of every weapons of opportunity.

Women Survival Tactics  is a fast evolving Defensive Tactical Program  for the public which seeks for practical learning of self-defense. This program covers more than the skill of survival and the knowledge of protecting oneself.


Development of mental attitude to survive unexpected attacks on any given situation will transform points of one's insecurity under a life threatening environment to a  decisive, confident individual ready to face any form of attacks

Triangle Fitness is a general fitness program geared toward Boot Camps, Private Training & Combat Fitness. A person should be prepared in any time of attack to go the distance and protect themselves. This is a unique conditioning program combining the Pekiti Tirsia Kali drills and body fitness

EST is a determined and steadfast practice that completes a package of contemporary effective trainng application in response attacks and preparedness in uncalled for situations.


The primary focus of this program is for the urban professionals and business person who aims to understand and apply the practical survival tactics to protect themselves.


It is a fact that over 120,000 reports from all over the country uses physical force 85% of the time. However, there are about 0 ~ 4 hours average per day allotted to develop defense tactics that includes or sometimes nothing at all:


  • Hand to Hand Defenses

  • Disarms on Knife Attacks

  • Gun Threat Management

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